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CAT | WordPress Troubleshooting

There is a problem that has arisen with WordPress 2.6 – it seems to only really affect users that are using ‘index.php’ in their permalink structure (most likely hosted on Windows based servers – another good reason to move to a Linux server!). The bug is detailed over at http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/7306.

This won’t affect users using permalinks without ‘index.php’ in the structure and I have personally upgraded a number of blogs and websites already upto 2.6 with no problems at all (all Linux, no ‘index.php’).


You are able to reset the password in WordPress by sending yourself an email using the lost password option. You are asked for the username or email and if all is well, an email with password reset link is sent. However, sometimes this is not an option for various reasons.

Firstly you need access to phpMyAdmin, which is a database administration tool. Almost all web hosting service providers give their users access to this tool (or something similar) to administer databases on the server. You often get access to this through your hosting control panel, or through a special web address. Please contact your web host if you are unsure about this.



I’m just going through my testing phase, as I always do with a new version of WordPress, and got all excited about the Ajax media insertion tools with progress bars. However, my test installation of WordPress wouldn’t allow me to upload any files – it just displayed ‘error’! After a bit of head-scratching and research on the Internet, I did find a solution though!