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Great news for people that own iPhones – the WordPress application has been updated!

I have been using this iPhone application almost from day 1 – and although it had some major shortcomings I was fairly happy with it. I often used it to jot down ideas for posts which I would save as drafts. It was limited in a number of ways though – which I’m glad to say have now been addressed!

The new features include:

  • Comment moderation (my no.1 wishlist feature – finally I’m able to edit comments on the move!!)
  • Landscape editing mode for posts (VERY welcome!)
  • Link creation help – for those of us that don’t like to write code!
  • Page creation and editing
  • Photo resizing and optimisation

It’s great to see development of this application – and it’s sure to help the popularity of WordPress grow! To update, just visit the Apple App Store and update through iTunes and best of all it’s FREE!