WordPress CMS modifications
Making WordPress the ultimate CMS!

Getting started

WordPress has a very logical structure – it’s much simpler than the vast majority of content management systems out there! This page contains some great reading to get you up-to-speed in no time with WordPress, especially if you want to use it as a CMS.

The WordPress template system

Which template file is used to display content?

The easiest way to understand how your website design and layout is controlled is to look at an existing template. Your template needs index.php to function correctly, but may not feature a single.php or home.php – it depends on the template designers choice to use them or not. Also, rest assured that whatever you modify on you blog will still be compatible to any hosting plans that you let your site be hosted. As you can see below, if a preferred file doesn’t exist, it simply falls back to the index.php file to use to display your content. These files get called in the following priority depending on what is being displayed:


Single post

Single page

Search results

404 error page

Getting started with templates – The template system of WordPress allows you to control exactly how your blog or website works.

Template file hierarchy – Knowing what file in your template gets used under certain conditions, and using template files is crucial information.

Pages – Pages are basically the same as posts, but act outside of the standard ‘blog post’ hierarchy.

Theme template file list – The complete list of template files auto recognised by WordPress. Care should be taken not to call custom page templates by any of these names.

WordPress cheetsheets

The Loop with it’s template tags by Bueltge.de

Administration pages and options hierarchy by Andy Wibbels

List of often used template tags / PHP commands used in templates by WP Candy

Template tags, theme header, bloginfo and get_options by Bueltge.de

Selection of Template tags in plain text by Michael Caputo

Action and filter-hooks and some function names by Bueltge.de

WordPress support sites

WordPress Codex – The official WordPress documentation and support site

WordPress Support Forum – The official WordPress support forum

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