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WordPress TV goes live!

The guys at Automattic have been busy – just noticed that WordPress.tv has just gone live!

Loads of good stuff from WordCamps around the world and other good stuff to watch, I’m going to enjoy looking through this site and seeing it grow, good work guys!

Just to let you know I have just updated my WP-CMS Post Control plugin to update it for full WordPress 2.7 compatibility.

If you are using a version below WordPress 2.7 you can still continue to use the previous version - you won’t even get the update notification in the plugins page, clever huh! You are advised to upgrade your main WordPress install of-course as soon as possible.

You can download the latest version here, or visit the main plugin page here.


I have noticed a couple of places that a hacking group have released a version of WordPress version number v2.6.4 – this is NOT an official release and you should not download it! They have even created a fake website to trick people into downloading the files. This will make your site vulnerable to exploit by hackers and potentially put your visitors at risk.