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WordPress 2.7 has been out for a little while now and after having used it a-lot over the holiday period I’m 99% over the moon about the new admin interface!

WordPress 2.7 is a real leap forward in usability – I was surprised when I saw the ‘Crazy Horse’ interface just a few months previous in a proposal document and later at WordCamp UK 2008 that it was being integrated into the main release version so quickly. It’s a huge change, but once you get used to it I have found it much quicker to work with.

The slick new collapsible menu moved to the left makes total sense with todays screen resolutions and the minimised/flyout view is genius! It has freed up much needed vertical space along with the header made much smaller.

There’s a-lot more going on – my latest favorite discovery is threaded comments – more on that in a later post!

Other great additions crammed into WordPress 2.7 include a new post/page mini-editor in the ‘manage’ views, core WordPress file updates (yet to be tested, but could be the holy grail of site admins!!) and ‘sticky posts’ – introducing forum type category listings with posts that stay at the top in-front of latest chronological posts.

One other thing grabbed my attention and I’ll be investigating this soon – a new ‘page menu API’. I’ve had trouble with deep nestled child/parent page listings in the past, so this could be pretty good!!

WordPress 2.7 is a huge upgrade and is recommended for everyone!

I’ve just found some really good information for WordPress plugin and theme developers on the WordPress Codex – looks like essential reading!


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