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Making WordPress the ultimate CMS!


You have probably reached this site because of your interest in WordPress – the most powerful and flexible publishing platform on the planet! WordPress is fast, has a huge (and friendly!) community, lots of active development and most importantly it’s easy to customise! These are the critical issues when deciding on any platform to use to run a website.

WordPress has clearly grown beyond it’s humble blog roots and developers around the world use it to create amazing websites that look fantastic and are very easy for their clients (and themselves!) to update.

This site is full of information about customising your WordPress installation with plugins, themes and code modifications. It is easy to modify WordPress to create a very flexible platform for generating almost any kind of website!

If your new to WordPress

If you are new to WordPress, or even PHP – don’t worry! You should read through the sections above called ‘Getting Started’ and ‘WordPress Loop’. The time you invest reading through this information will save you A-LOT of time by getting you upto speed on WordPress terminology.

Understanding these main functions within WordPress will allow you to do all sorts of amazing things with your website or blog and allow you to get complete control over the content and how it is displayed. You can also try some cheap wordpress hosting for your website if you really want to fully customize it.

We are building up a repository of valuable information on this site, which you should find useful when trying to modify WordPress.

Maybe you want more from your WordPress blog?

If you are already using WordPress and know a-little about it you in for a treat! This site is growing into a useful archive of information on how to completely customise your WordPress installation!

Our aim here is to modify the core code as-little (if at all), so as to make WordPress upgrades easier. Only very complex modifications can’t be executed without plugins really, so all but the most advanced user should try and leave the core WordPress code alone if possible.

Our Plugins

We are working on a range of free WordPress plugins, so go and check them out here! These are all centered around making WordPress more of a CMS platform for building complete websites rather han just blogs.

WP-CMS Post Control is our most popular public release, which allows you to take complete control over the WordPress write post and write page panels.

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